Git Tags用法

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List all tags To list all tags, use the following command. git tag Creating Tags Git uses two main types of tags: lightweight and annotated. lightweight tag git tag <tagname> annotated tag To create an annotated tag in Git you can just run the following simple commands on your terminal. $ git tag -a v2.1.0 -m "xxx feature is released in this tag." $ git tag v1.0.0 v2.0.0 v2.1.0 Push

git diff 中文乱码

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在命令行下输入以下命令: $ git config --global core.quotepath false # 显示 status 编码 $ git config --global gui.encoding utf-8 # 图形界面编码 $ git config --global i18n.commit.encoding utf-8 # 提交信息编码 $ git config --global i18n.logoutputencoding utf-8 # 输出 log 编码 $ export LESSCHARSET=utf-8 最后一条命


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为多个账号设置 ssh keys 假定我们有两个账号,一个lockshell,一个zhangsan。 分别用不同 github 账号对应的邮箱生成 ssh key,示例: $ ssh-keygen -t rsa -C